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According to our project, LM TOOLS does not and will never represent an "alternative" to the tooling or to the main multinational tool producers; on the contrary, we introduce as collaborators willing to optimise the production system jointly to our client along with the market becoming more and more stressed and competitive, increasingly rewarding those companies in search for a synergy with their suppliers.
This is all we offer to our clients - we love defining them Partners - and our offer includes a top quality for which we have always stood out and we hope to continue with this trend in the future 。。。 passion!

Wide ranges of Standard Tools

Construction of Special Tools

Regeneration of Tools Service

Resharpening of Tools Service

Precision Honing Supplies

Ranging from Calibration to Measuring Instruments Repair Services

Large Production Capacity and Great Flexibility

Design and Development of Productive Chains

Humility and Desire to Grow our Know-Out




KI-MA Tools
Administrative Headquarters

With a ten-year experience KI-MA Tools srl was created with the aim of satisfying our customers’ needs recommending itself as a partner, not simply as a tool supplier. This is possible thanks to the great experience acquired in the field of any kind of Special Tools .

LM Tools
Production Plant

The result of a forty years of experience in the construction of Standard and special precision tools. In order to solve the newer and newer problems faced everyday by the "advanced" mechanics, as time went by LM TOOLS has developed the Know-how necessary to produce special tools in solid carbide that could properly meet the various and different requirements of its clients.